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Hi everybody my name is John Fisher welcome to and if you’re looking for Real Estate Investors we’ve got a social media Financial platform that is strictly real estate. They’re called real gold they started out at 100 000 opt-in 2018 they’ve been updated every year since then it’s down to 43,000 cell numbers 30,000 emails that are deliverable 20,000 have real hard addresses, IP addresses, time-stamps, and date stamps.

The original opt-in campaign was for real estate and they attended a 42-minute webinar they’re really good when it comes to real estate leads. Other than that I would do the big dogs. Big dogs are qualified accredited investors, they have a quarter million minimum and they have at least five million in investable assets. Those are a buck a piece the Real Gold the real estate is strictly Real Estate Investors for that particular project. They’ve been updated on crypto, they’ve been updated on marijuana, and if you look at my testimonials there’s a gentleman there that raised half a million a month on oil and gas.
I have a gold coin guy who sells ms70s and they love them I mean they love those. They got a lot of action off them so it’s really an investor database, but it happens to originate and happens to have a tremendous real estate presence. You’ll see real estate brokers in there and you’ll see people that are flippers don’t be alarmed if I have to I’ll replace them one for one, but that shows you that you’re right in The Sweet Spot. These people were looking to sharpen their skills by attending the actual webinar.

If you have any questions feel free to call me as I said before they’re 50 cents a piece for 2,000 leads. A thousand bucks if you buy ten thousand. I’ll tell you what it’s been a pretty cool year, I’ve lost a lot of my competitors thank God. We have an A+ rating this is our 32nd year in business and since covid we’ve really moved into our homes and the bottom line is we became more profitable. It makes it a lot easier for us to conduct business so feel free to call me if you have questions 561-239-0364 and if you’re looking for Real Estate Investors we got them have a beautiful day and God bless.

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