Qualified Investors

Hey, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to investorlead.com. Let’s talk about ‘qualified investors’, ‘qualified investor’, singular, plural. You know, when you look at—I didn’t know what a qualified investor was, so I went to Google, and when I punched in ‘qualified investor’, I got ‘accredited investor’. So I guess what they mean is accredited. I’m not sure it’s the right keyword, but apparently a lot of people, looking at the traffic on this particular keyword—and that’s how we market our websites. We look at the keywords; we look at what is it people are looking for, and that’s how we know what to give ya.

So this word ‘qualified investors’ really is just, I dunno, it’s just something that people think will get ‘em the answer, and it does. Google’s smart. Google will go ahead and punch in the actual ‘accredited investor’. So, let’s talk about ‘accredited investor’. Let’s say ‘qualified’ means ‘accredited’, according to Google. And, to me, an accredited investor makes 200,000 a year for the last two years, a million net worth not including his home, has experience in managing his personal portfolio, and he’s got 25 to $50,000 available for investment. So they’ve been all mailed a private placement memorandum. And that’s what we sell at investorlead.com- people that have been prospected, people that have been vetted, people that have been mailed a private placement memorandum, by a broker dealer.

This isn’t some yahoo survey guy out in the Philippines or some $15 an hour kid outta California. I dunno what accredited investor gives up their financial information to a total stranger. But if you’re a broker, and you’re talking to me about bit coin and you’re talking to me about a marijuana deal or something like that, and it sounds really interesting, I’m gonna say, ‘Hey, you know what, I am interested.’ I’d like to see the PPM. But these other guys? What? Just qualify me, see I have money so I can get on a list and have a million people call me? I’m not gonna do that. So, remember, when you buy leads, you wanna buy qualified investors- that’s accredited investors- and what you wanna do is make sure you buy ‘em from a guy like me. One-man operation, 27 years, A+ rating, no complaints.

I have identified, in the last five years, 500,000 people that fall into this criteria: vetted by a broker dealer, mailed a private placement memorandum. 300,000 are what we call the Village Bike and, by the way Village Bike has its own website- villagebike.net. What is the Village Bike? Been ridden by everybody. The stuff you buy from the guy in Chicago and the two “list brokers” in California- Kentucky-fried turkey! Been called so many times, so hammered. And, you know what, at first I just used that stuff to take a look at what I was buying and to get rid of it, not buy anything that came with that, but, you know what? There’s a lot of you cheapy guys, if you’re gonna buy that 7 cent crap at investorlead.com, I’ll give you some of this stuff that’s much older.

Unfortunately, it’s getting hammered because those guys got ten people on the phone. I’m a one-man op. I’m good, but I’m not that good. And I’ll sell you that cheapy-cheapy, same stuff- accredited investors, mailed a private placement memorandum. I’ll sell you 50,000 for 7 and a half cents; I’ll sell you 25,000 for a dime; and I’ll sell you, for 15 cents, 10,000. So before you get a call from California, and I’ll prove it to ya; I’ll prove that I’m selling the same data to you at 15, 10 or 7 and a half cents that you’re paying a dollar and 50 cents for. You have any questions, call me: John Fischer- 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

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