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Hi, my name is John Fischer. Welcome to accreditedinvestorleads.tv. What is a qualified, accredited investor? So, we’ve gone over what’s an accredited investor. An accredited investor makes 200,000 a year for the last two years, $300,000 combined income, at least a million net worth, not including his home, has experience managing his personal portfolio. The qualified, accredited investor is the guy that you’re only allowed to use when you’re doing either a hedge fund or you’re doing what’s called a master private placement. So, if you’re looking for hedge fund leads or master private placement leads, you need to have them not just be accredited, they must be qualified-accredited. And a qualified -accredited, unlike a regular accredited investor, his requirements are different: quarter-million minimum risk capital. Most of these hedge funds or !pat of these master private placements require a quarter-million minimum per unit. And the second half is that they have to have at least five million in unvestible assets. So remember, qualified -accredited investor is not the same as an accredited invedtorr. He’s a much bigger guy. I caution you giving those kinds leads to a B broker; these guys are sharp. Most of the time, they’re business-owners, very sophisticated. They’re gonna absolutely do their homework. They’re not easy to close; they take a long time to close, but when they close, they send a lot of money.
I hope I cleared up any questions you may have. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 800-590-5323. Thank you for your time, have a beautiful time, and God bless.

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Accreditedinvestorleads.tv has been putting forth excellent leads at focused costs for more than 25 years.

    • In the event that your organization’s showcasing method comprises of focusing on accredited investors who are looking for venture opportunities – we have leads of private investors with 25k and up in danger capital financing. They are prepared to listen to your thoughts and recommendations.
    • Pick between accredited financial specialist deals leads made totally of pre-chosen prospects with salaries of $200,000 every year for a long time; or 300k consolidated profit. On the other hand, an one million dollar or more total assets, alongside related knowledge of individual portfolio administration.
    • A large portion of the accredited financial specialist leads are CEO’s and investors who have corporate positions in annuities, stocks, shared stores or metropolitan securities.

In the event that you are a securities dealer or own wares in gas, oil or private arrangement commercial ventures, these leads are superbly suited.

  • Discover sources in pattern setting entrepreneurial businesses, similar to: diversion, innovation, land, vitality or excitement.
  • Our endless industry experience makes us ready to locate the best accredited leads for your battles, including leads records that are customized for your particular business. Whether you’re needs depend on an advertising or regular postal mail crusade, rely on us to convey everything from custom overviews, telemarketing and the sky is the limit from there. Whether for direct mailing or telemarketing, our broad industry experience permits us to locate the best fit for your crusade.
  • We consistently redesign and examine our prompts check for erroneous or separated numbers. We overlook unfit leads and will supplant any returned or awful leads that are not 100% exact. This administration is free.A SAN (membership record) number is needed to scour your lead list against the DNC

Any organization that offers or offers its securities, under the Securities Act of 1933 (SA-1933), must authoritatively enlist those securities with the SEC, or they must discover an exclusion from the enrollment prerequisites. SA-1933 gives organizations a scope of conceivable exclusions. For a percentage of the exclusions, for example, those recorded in principles 505 and 506 of Regulation D, an organization may offer its securities to what are alluded to as “accredited investors.”

The government securities laws characterize the term accredited speculator in Rule 501 of Regulation D as:

  • A characteristic individual must have involvement in dealing with his own portfolio.
  • A bank, insurance agency, enrolled venture organization, business improvement organization, or little business speculation organization;
  • A worker advantage arrangement, inside of the importance of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, if a bank, insurance agency, or enrolled venture guide settles on the speculation choices, or if the arrangement has all out resources in abundance of $5 million;
  • A magnanimous association, company, or organization with resources surpassing $5 million;
  • A chief, official officer, or general accomplice of the organization offering the securities;
  • A business in which all the value proprietors are accredited investors;
  • A characteristic individual who has individual total assets, or joint total assets with the individual’s life partner, that surpasses $1 million (excluding their home) at the season of the buy;
  • A characteristic individual with salary surpassing $200,000 in each of the two latest years or joint pay with a life partner surpassing $300,000 for those years and a sensible desire of the same pay level in the present year.
  • A trust with resources in abundance of $5 million, not shaped to obtain the securities offered, whose buys a complex individual makes.

Accredited Investors Lead F.A.Q

What is an Accredited Investor ?

An Accredited Investor, so hopefully you know, he makes at any rate $200,000 a year throughout the previous 2 years or has at any rate $300,000 in joined salary with his wife. He has a total assets of at any rate $1 million dollars, excluding his home, and has involvement in dealing with his own portfolio.

What’s an Accredited Investor Lead ?

A Lead is a name, a location and a telephone number. An Accredited investor leads ? is a Name, address and telephone numbers, numerous name, address and telephone numbers.

Whats An Accredited Investor List ?

it’s a rundown; numerous name, address and telephone numbers, numerous leads. And obviously records, the plural, accredited investor records, is various distinctive arrangements of accredited investors.

The most vital thing you have to understand is we’re number one with regards to Accredited Investors. We have the PPCREMA, which are $2 a piece, we’re perched on around 85,000 at this moment. Trusted Source, we’re the main folks that have them.

Salesleads.tv is the home of the Enormous Pooches. The Huge Pooch’s does not just qualify, is not just an accredited investor, he’s a Qualified Accredited Investor. He needs to have no less than a quarter million dollars of fluid danger capital and, not at all like $1 million total assets excluding his home on the Customary Accredited Investor, he needs $5 million dollars in investable resources. Those are $5 a piece, the best lead in the nation by a wide margin.

Salesleads.tv is the Refuge of the Accredited Investors. On the off chance that you have any inquiries at all you can call me. John Fischer, salesleads.tv, 561-981-8777.

What Precisely is an Accredited Investor?

When you’re out there, and you’re on the web search tool searching for a specific kind of a rundown, particularly in case you’re in the speculation business; you’re a stock agent, you’re a merchant/merchant, you’re doing a private situation, you’re doing taking your organization in and doing a Reg D504 or 505, raising a million or a couple of million. You must be genuine watchful with your words. An investor is fine, yet the issue with simply the plain word investor, and by the way an investor is a man that purchases stock, he purchases land, he may purchase a ’57 Chevy with the trusts that it’ll increment in quality, possibly an old Ferrari; an investor, that is the thing that he does. In any case, when you’re discussing a private situation, the real guidelines and the regulations are changed. A general investor is sufficiently bad for a private arrangement. A general investor needs to have certain prerequisites to end up what we call accredited investors. To take an interest in what we call a private situation. And I’ll do a video about the private arrangement later on. For you to take part in a Reg D 504, 505, 506, you must be an accredited investor.

An accredited investor needs to make at any rate $200,000 throughout the previous two years, needs to have no less than a 300 consolidated pay, no less than a million total assets excluding their home, involvement in dealing with their own portfolio. So be watchful. When you get on the web index, on the off chance that you simply utilize the word contribute, investor, investor rundown, contribute deals leads, you’re not going to be getting qualified accredited investors. And when you attempt to get them, and you attempt to place them into your private position, they’re not qualified. So ensure you are particular that when you’re searching for leads, and you’re doing a private position, ensure you’re particular about them being accredited. And in case you’re a stock specialist, and you need to utilize that catchphrase investor, I’m letting you know, I would utilize accredited investor. He has that total assets, he’s suitable, he’s the sort of fellow that can open a decent size record. You need some pikers, utilize the word investor. You need some genuine individuals, utilize the word accredited

Accredited Investor Leads | What you have to know.

We are endeavoring to instruct you and let you know as much as we can about the kind of leads that we have, will be… today, taking a shot at the theme of accredited investor leads. Once more, accredited investor leads. Accredited. What does accredited mean? An accredited investor makes $200,000 a year throughout the previous two years or $300,000 salary joined or million total assets excluding his home and involvement in dealing with his own portfolio. With the goal that deals with the accredited part.

A lead is a name, a location and a telephone number, alright? A lead is a name, a location and a telephone number. So you got accredited, the word investor and lead. So what we’re offering you is an accredited investor and the lead means we’re offering you his name, location and his telephone number. Once in a while we have two or three telephone numbers. Now and then there’s additional data. We don’t prefer to email. It will get yourself stuck in an unfortunate situation getting into the email side of this entire thing. So it’s practically name, address and telephone number.

What is an investor? How would we separate it?

An investor is a gentleman that places cash into something with the trust that something is going to build the quality. It can be a bit of land, it can be a stock, it can be bullion, it can be all the above. So when we examine the watchword and that is the thing that we truly take a shot at, when you come to Google and you say, “Hey, I’m searching for accredited investor leads,” what we need to do is told you that hey, yes, that is our main thing. We have accredited investor leads. So in case you’re searching for accredited investor leads for your private position, you’re doing a Reg D 504, 505, 506, the new Reg D 506C. Any of the above, we’re the privilege folks. We have the leads for you. Our value reach is in the middle of $2 and $5. We’ve been doing business 25 years. We have An or more appraising and outrageously I’m a small time operation, and I truly trust that we’re the best in the business. A quarter century, no objections. I’m really inspired with that.


Try not to hold up, call us and talk with our expert lead specialists 1-800-590-5323 or round out the structure on the landing page to demand a free quote


Accredited investor Lists and Rundown | We just Offer The best

We need to take some time and clarify some of our watchwords. The words that you punch into Google or whichever web search tool you’re utilizing to discover somebody that really offers that item. The watchwords we’re taking a gander at today are: accredited, investor rundown and lists. That is normally what you all punch in Google or whatever the web crawler is. So we should separate it.

Accredited. An accredited investor is characterized by the Security Trade Commission as somebody that makes at any rate $200,000 a year throughout the previous two years, or $300,000 joined pay, or $1,000,000 total assets excluding your home, and involvement in dealing with your own portfolio. So that is the thing that the word accredited means.

Investor is a man that purchases distinctive sorts of ventures. It could be land. It could be a stock. It could be bullion. It could be an auto. A venture is something that you place cash into with the trust that with time, the genuine quality would increment. So now we have the accredited. We have the investor.

How about we characterize rundown and lists. A rundown is a pack of leads or a cluster of name, address and telephone numbers. So when you’re discussing a rundown, it’s John Smith and it’s Joe Duke and it’s George Wilson and what it will be it’s some of these individuals’ name, address and telephone numbers. That is the thing that a rundown is. Particular. Lists is one specific rundown. It could have originate from one specific financier firm or it could have originate from one source, perhaps a site, a select in site whatever. So what a rundown is only various names. Lists, plural means this can be from one specific source. This name, address and telephone number of 1,000… 1,500 names could be from another distinctive source. So I trust I elucidated that. Accredited investor rundown or lists and that is what we’re attempting to separate here. This is what we’re attempting to bail you out with.

We should discuss SalesLeads.tv. An or more evaluating, no objections in the most recent 25 years. We don’t offer the town bicycle. The town bicycle is the same stuff that everybody and their mom out there is offering. I’ve distinguished 400,000 dynamic accredited investors out there that are searching for leads. 300,000 of them are getting crushed. So you would prefer not to be purchasing that stuff. On the off chance that you have any sort of data and you need the best leads accessible in the nation today, you call me. John Fischer 561-981-8777.

Our Standard mail Lists are ideal for:

  • Venture Intermediaries
  • Fence investments Supervisors
  • Private Situation Offerings
  • Top of the line, Extravagance Magazines
  • Stock and Monetary Exhortation Pamphlets

Direct mailing is an excellent approach to join with potential prospects that is more individual than any method for web “ecard” you could duplicate and glue in an email today. Everybody checks their mail each day. It is difficult to overlook a letter drop overflowing with envelopes. In a perfect world you’re advertising endeavors ought to be important to the beneficiary. You wouldn’t send promotions for ladylike items to a solitary single man’s place okay? We will go into further detail clarifying the significance of direct advertising.

Mass showcasing will be far reaching and financially savvy when conveyed, yet it is likewise going to be inefficient. It can be viewed as that flooding investors with non-focused on mail will be the best approach to get saw, however it has been demonstrated this won’t achieve the same number of individuals as a focused on direct mailing rundown will. For example, in light of the fact that your ad shows up on a page it doesn’t mean it will be taken note. A few eye filtering studies have demonstrated that numerous individuals rationally square promotions.

One point of interest which may be valuable with direct mailing lists is additional data imprinted on the envelope. One side trusts this is an additional method for getting exposure, yet others feel it might be counterproductive. On the off chance that the organization’s name is on the envelope, the beneficiary will definitely realize what the letter is about and unless they are hoping to buy the item in any case, may consider the letter spontaneous mail and not in any case open it. The individuals who believe this system assume that the organization name or date built up will make the viewer think the substance is essential and so will be constrained to open the letter. However in the event that there is nothing to say what the letter is in regards to, they can have opened it and perused a bit, been attracted by the data they have seen, and be in a vastly improved spot with regards to drawing in with the organization. It is a superior thought to post motivational messages on an envelope that just give and request nothing consequently. In any event you are filling somebody’s heart with joy brighter and this will separate you from the thousands of organizations shouting at the peruser, demanding consideration with no response for the recipient.

On the off chance that you are as yet asking yourself “what is a mailing show?” the time has come to get help. Regularly an immediate mailing organization you utilize will have the capacity to offer when it some assistance with coming to setting up the rundown. You will initially need to figure out which kind of direct mailing show you need. There are accredited investor mailing lists and business mailing lists. In the event that it is an investor mailing rundown, there is a great deal of data that should be assembled. Contingent upon the way of the items it will be imperative to buy a rundown from a rundown specialist who knows his business sector. You ought to never at any point send a letter without thinking about the investor. Is it true that they are the age scope of your objective business sector? The sexual orientation? The monetary section? And shouldn’t something be said about their hobbies? Will you incorporate anything customized in the letter that may manufacture affinity with them?

In the event that it is to be a business to business direct mailing rundown, the data required will be the route in which they can be useful to your organization. For instance, if the beneficiary claims a printing organization and your fundamental diversion is offering ink, you have a superior likelihood of changing over a lead than mailing an auto dealership or cake shop.