Private Coin Buyers

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Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to If you’re looking for private coin buyers this is what we call a keyword so you punch into google private coin buyers and that’s how we pick up on you and that’s how we realize that hey there’s a demand for this kind of a product and we have private coin buyers. I mean we have uh 200-250,000 of them. In many cases here’s the thinking for me with accredited investors whether it’s oil and gas, real estate, whatever the function you are the sector is what we call the vertical.

You know we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to go with that type of lead those buyers do absolutely buy coins I mean they absolutely do. So if you’re looking for private coin buyers I’ve got that database and in that particular you know sector what we call the vertical I only buy clients so if I’m selling you a guy that is a coin buyer it’s a client list that’s oh I don’t have people that have been prospected or have in any way been you know sent information I mean they may have before they became a client, but you know private coin buyers I mean that’s what we have.

We’ve got 200,000 of them they’re 50 cents apiece and I’ve got a lot of stuff I just got a database from 2019-2020 four 47,000 of them and they’re great they were sourced from direct mail, from email I’ve got companies that went out of business, I’ve got their stuff I’ve got a lot of it. I’m going to tell you something, one of the biggest secrets in the lead business is the accredited investor. You see you’re not going to get that many of the 800 500 you know 50 Kennedy piece buyers which is how most coin guys open up with. When you get someone who’s an oil and gas guy believe me I have a lot of proof of that they open up big they open up 25-50,000 and when they buy they fill up their safe. You know they’ll buy big stuff they’ll buy you know kilos, or they’ll buy five ounce bars of gold or platinum, or they’ll buy you know 20-50 eagles at a time you know one ounce of coins or whatever and so really you know coin buyers are great but you want a guy who’s got a lot of money think about the accredited investors as well.

Again if you’re looking for private coin buyers we have them at they’re 50 cents apiece depending on volume we get you down to 40 cents at 10,000. If you have a san number I’ll scrub if you don’t have a san number, I’ll get one for you, if you don’t want to get a san number you’ll sign my indemnity form which indemnifies my people and myself. I do have litigator’s professional litigators 1.3 million of them and they’re really the most dangerous guys out there. I mean look I’m on the do not call a lot of people on the do not call, I get 20-30 phone calls a day I mean it’s unsustainable but you know what, it is the law and if you’re selling coins guess who the governing body is? It happens to be your regulators the federal trade commission it’s not smart not to have a san number they walk in you know and they say where’s your san number then you got a problem. So if you have any questions whatsoever we’re your source for these types of leads especially private coin buyers you have any questions call me 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and god bless.

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