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We Offer High Quality Oil & Gas investor Leads From Private Placement Memorandums for Investment Offerings

Hi, everybody. John Fischer at accreditedinvestorleads.tv. You know, we specialize in oil-and-gas leads, or oil-and-gas investor leads. What does that all mean? Oil-and-gas, for the most part’s a guy doing a drilling venture, whether it be secondary recovery, or whatever, wildcatting, and that’s what we mean by oil-and-gas, some kind of a drilling venture. A lead is a name, address and phone number, so that would be oil-and-gas lead; oil-and-gas leads would be a number of those phone numbers, names and addresses. So, if you’re looking for ‘oil-and-gas investor leads’ or ‘oil-and-gas leads’, it’s pretty much the same exact thing. I think that what you should do, and I wanna caution you, if you’re doing a Reg D504/505 or a 506, a private placement, I would ask for ‘accredited oil-and-gas leads’ or ‘accredited investor oil-and-gas leads’. Remember, if you’re doing any kind of a private placsment , and it’s oil and gas, they’re gonna have to be accredited, and if you don’t specify that to a list broker, he’ll give you, maybe, participation deals where guys only have $12,000 and is certainly not an accredited investor. So I hope I cleared that up. Remember that word ‘accredited investor press’s is pretty much what you’re looking for and pretty much what you should be asking for. If you have any questions, call me: 561-239-0364. Thank you for your time, and God bless.

Oil & Gas Investor leads Deals is our Strong Point

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Oil & gas Investor leads

Our Oil & Gas Investor Leads realize what they are doing. They are all qualified accredited investors with experience putting resources into Oil and Gas offerings, and a couple of awful private offerings set around aren’t going to keep these fellows out of their most loved speculation market. With their tremendous industry encounter, these accredited investors can notice Oil and Gas extortion a mile away.

Accreditedinvestorleads.tv restrictive Oil and Gas Leads. They don’t need to manage less than impressive private Oil and Gas offerings, in light of the fact that we never let those offers contact them. Our administration dissects each new customer’s putting forth before notwithstanding considering offering them a lead list. In the event that the private offering’s quality meets what our Oil and Gas investors have generally expect, we are glad to furnish that customer with a focused on accredited speculator lead list. The accredited investors are then glad to get the opportunity to put resources into another top quality Oil & Gas Investor Leads offering, and the customer is glad to surpass their venture objectives with an accredited financial specialist lead rundown customized to their particular advertising. Everyone wins.

Our Oil & Gas Investor leads are all overview based. This is a three-section overview that:

Builds up suitability (liquidity) of the individual being overviewed.

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