Oil and Gas Leads

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Hi everybody my name is John Fisher, welcome to accreditedinvestorleads.tv. What I want to talk about is oil and gas leads. it’s a keyword. it’s kind of like what you guys punch in to Google to try to find stuff, and I want to let you know that they are oil and gas leads what we sell, but I’ll take it a step further. they’re also accredited and if you do it a private placement, they need to be accredited. what is it or oil and gas lead? An oil and gas lead is someone that’s looking to invest it in oil and gas type investment. For the most part, it’s a drilling venture. they’ve got all kinds of speculative type deals that they do where, you know, you become a partner, have a portion of like the possibility if they hit oil, you know, what’s the production, how many barrels a day you know have to cost, what’s left over, then of course you get your check every single month. Oil and gas leads is the foundation of my company. that’s all we ever used to sell and how this works you guys ask, how do you get leads. I’m a broker what I do is I have a website that says, hey, we buy leads and then people come to me and say, hey I just closed up my company. we raise the money. we finish drilling all the wells. I’ve gotten my clients, and I’ve also got all my prospects. I’d like to sell them to you, and we buy them, you know, that’s something that’s been going around for I’ve been in this 29 years. so these people go through the trouble of calling them making sure they’re accredited and believe me my guys are all accredited so when the guy calls them up, he says hey, we sort of phone call, we’re looking in various types of drilling ventures we’re using a private place to rent D in order to participate you must be an accredited investor. An accredited investor has to have 2,000 income last three years this is a definition by the way million net worth not including his home, experienced in managing his personal portfolio, well you know they qualified twenty-five to fifty thousand dollars and they may have a private placement memorandum. that’s what we have that’s our bread and butter and that’s kind of leads that well. you’re looking for oil and gas, we invested leads, this is what we have the mothership happens to be sellleads.tv, we’ve been in business now for twenty nine years if you have any questions feel free to call me 561-239-0364. by the way guys, we sell five thousand for fifty cents if you want to do half of that, I’ll do it for you so it’s $1,250 for 2500 leads we clean them against the litigators list we’ve got over 1.3 million of these troublemakers and later on we’ll tell you how that hope they works have any questions call me or visit our mother site SalesLeads.tv.

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