Oil and Gas Investors

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Hey everybody, welcome to investorlead.com. Today we will be talking about oil and gas investors, but first we’ve been in business 27 years, we have an A plus rating, the mothership is salesleads.tv. That’s who the ‘we’ is and I am the ‘we’. I’m a one-man operation and that’s important to you because I don’t have 10 guys in a phone selling the same names over and over again. By the way, there’s a website we have VillageBike.net and on that site, we sell the Kentucky fried turkey, been ridden by everybody, the stuff they sell out on the West Coast, United Marketing, secured capital, Info 5s. Fortunate to have so many guys with the phone and they keep selling the same things over and over and over again, we sell that stuff very very cheap by the way, we sell that stuff for 50 thousand for seven and a half cents, 10 thousand for 15 cents.

So, if you want to compete or if you’re going to go buy from investorleads.com 7 cents per phone book, I know I sound like I’m slinging mud but I’ve been doing this 27 years, you can’t sell a lead for 7 cents unless you’re buying from Info USA and Info USA sells modeled information, it’s a Zip plus 4 average. The other stuff is the whole FNIN, you know, Kentucky fried turkey been sold so many times and the people are pissed off and I know this because every single week I get four five six people that switch over, they’re tired of that. I really work hard to find something no one else has but if you need stuff to dump into a dollar, we do have it; we have over 300 thousand of what we call ‘the village bike’.

oil and gas investors

Let’s talk about oil and gas investors. Oil and gas investors happens to be our forte. Now, because the price of crude has gone down so long, in the last year we had a lot of oil and gas guys go out of business and the poor guys that are in business have worked so damn hard to put out that survey, to put out that PPM that piece of paper with the hopes that they’ll be able to close a guy even though the price of crude is so low that when they do that money in money out, the numbers just don’t quite work out, they’re not tempting enough, you know, there’s just not a big enough move in that price of oil to make it a worthwhile investment. And you know what, that’s good for you because they kill themselves surveying these guys and if you selling something other than oil and gas, I always tell people my job is to find the accredited investor, is to identify the accredited investor, it’s your job to do the vertical – the vertical being real estate or high tech or entertainment or whatever the deal may be.

So, remember, if you’re looking for oil and gas investors that happens to be our forte, 80 percent or 90 percent of our leads happen to be oil and gas people, we also have the a dollar apiece thousand minimum and we also have the big dogs – the big dogs come from the largest guy in the country who’s doing a massive private placement, these are qualified accredited investors, quarterly million minimum, five million I investible assets, $5 apiece. For every thousand dollars you spend of the dollar stuff, you get 100 big dogs for free, why? Because I’m a nice guy? No. Because I want you to test them and once you do as long as you give them to your top producers not your bid team, they’ll get eaten for dinner, you give them to a high producer and you’ll see how hot these leads are. Read the testimonial in the middle of our websites and you’ll see, don’t take my word for it, see what my customers are saying. If you have any questions, give me a call, John Fisher: 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, God bless.

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