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Hi everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to Lead list, as generic and as vague as you can get yes, we have investor leads list. What kind of investor leads do we have? We’ve got accredited investors, we got real estate investors, we have precious metal buyers, we have precious metals IRA buyers; that’s it. We don’t get involved with magazine or any of that, that’s stuff I don’t like. I picked the accredited investors because they’re millionaires and I’m hoping that buyer beware the guy is thorough and sophisticated enough to watch what he’s doing. And I picked numismatic coin buyers because of the tangible; worse scenario, he marks that coin up really high, he still has a one-ounce coin of silver or gold and it’s always going to be worth whatever the price of silver or gold is. Better than some pie-in-the-sky scheme that the guy says 25,000, never sees a penny of it.

investor leads

So, that’s my mentality, that’s what why I only choose to sell accredited investors and numismatic coin buyers or IRA precious metal buyers. Lead list, that’s it, that’s my whole menu. If they are accredited and they’re not the coin guys, we scrub against the litigated list that’s taken a lot of time, money, blood, sweat and tears; I got 1.3 million of those professional law firms guys that throwaway phones that just make your life miserable. If you have a SAN number, we’ll scrub for free. If you don’t have a SAN number, we’ll show you how to get one. If you don’t want to get a SAN number you’ll sign my indemnity form.

But the bottom line is I’m a big boy, I’m experienced, I know what I’m doing, 28 years, A+ rating, 1-man operation other than my supports. And lead list, yeah, we have them. Limited but our stuff is really, really good. If you have any questions about investor leads feel free to call me, 561-981-8777. We have $1000 minimum remember that, no samples. Have a beautiful day and God bless.

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