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Accredited Investor Lead, Lists, Lists Leads

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Hi everybody. John Fisher, welcome to And I want to talk about some of the products that we have and I want to make sure you’re familiar with who we are. Who we are is…we’re just one of the websites is just We have,, this particular website you landed on happens to be One of the important things that I want to go through today is what kind of products we have.

Now if you take a take a look accredited investor leads or accredited investor lists, lists leads, four different words. And there is one’s a singular and one’s a plural. So accredited investor leads or accredited investor lead, what is that? An accredited investor make $200,000 a year for the last 2 years or $3 million combined, has experience in managing his personal portfolio and has a million that we’re not including in sum. That’s the definition.Households That Qualify for Accredited Investor Status

Our leads are broker surveyed, So the people that we get our data from are brokers that are trying to get to guy to buy a private place of memorandum position, not the stuff coming out of the Philippines or Costa Rica or some 10, $12 or $50 an hour guy. Because he wouldn’t know an accredited investor if he saw him. And by the way, what credit investor gives up his personal information? I mean, if I’m talking to a broker dealer and he’s specifically talking about one product, I may say, “Yeah, I am accredited. Yeah, I’d like to get one of those PPMs. I want to take a look at what you’ve got.” That’s a real lead.

So don’t look at anything else. Forget about that InfoUSA or that lead genie, sales genie, seven cent lead. Shame on you if you think you’re going to make any kind of money with a seven cent lead, you’re crazy. List is the same as leads, leads is one name address, a phone number. Leads is a multiple name, address, and phone numbers. And the, a list is the same thing. A list is a number of those particular leads. Another thing is investor leads. What’s the difference between an investor and an accredited investor?

If you’re doing a private placement, don’t ask for investor leads because if he’s not accredited, it’s not going to work for you. So again, if you use the Google search and you punch in investor lead, it’s not going to work for you. Because how do you know the guys’ accredited? You have to make sure you ask your list broker, is this guy an accredited investor? Has somebody surveyed him and request that information?” Another strong one is accredited investor leads. You’ve got real estate investor leads, you’ve got accredited investor lead, oil and gas investors or accredited oil and gas investors.

Most of the people that we buy our leads from are doing oil and gas. Most of your broker dealers out there are selling oil and gas. And let me tell you, they’re killing themselves right now. $30 to $40 a barrel. It’s hard to sell at that low a price on oil because when you do the numbers on the way out of the door when you’re trying to close somebody, the numbers don’t work out very well. But those guys have killed themselves prospecting, qualifying. And I mean you’ve got to be super good to get someone to buy oil at $34 a barrel. So that paper the last six months, the last year has gotten solid, solid.

So if you want some really, really good oil and gas accredited investor leads or accredited oil and gas buyers, depending on what you punch in into that Google or Yahoo or Bing or whatever it is, that’s what’s important. Now one last thing I want to talk to about and we’ll wrap it up, gold and silver leads and [inaudible 00:03:53] coin leads. Gold and silver is bullion. And if you’re doing the IRA deal or as long as you’re not doing leverage because I’m not selling anyone doing the leverage deal–that thing, section 742, Dodd-Frank killed that. Don’t even call me if you’re doing any kind of a leverage deal. But if you’re doing the IRA deal with the bullion, we have the leads. And if you’re selling individual numerous amount of coins we have the leads.

We only have buyers and we only have buyers from people that went out of business or we personally bought the data and we have proof. We have proof that we could sell that data. So if you’re looking for numerous amount of coin buyers, numerous amount of leads or you’re looking for bullion buyers, gold and silver buyers, coin leads, coin buyers, whatever it is we have those leads. We have about 50,000 of them and I’ll tell you what they get a lot of action, I mean they’re really, really hot.

Again, 50,000 of them. I think you’ll get a lot of really good sales out of there. Good return on your investment. We have plenty of other stuff, real estate accredited investors, we have a marijuana deal, we’ve got some really hot files, we sell the PP CREMA, It stands for private placement, crema is the cream of the crop. Those are a buck a piece and $1000 minimum. And the big dogs. Go to and you’ll see the big dogs are a quarter million minimum with a $5 million in investable assets. And you have any other questions, give me a call. 561-981-8777. Thanks for your time, have a beautiful day, and God bless.

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