High-Net-Worth Investors

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Hi, everybody. Welcome to investorlead.com. I wanna talk about the high-net-worth investors. It seems to be one of the more popular keywords and search phrases that people use on Google, Bing, Yahoo! You know, a high-net-worth investor, what is that? I usually call those ‘accredited investors’. An accredited investor makes 200,000 a year for the last two years, $300,000 combined; a million net worth, not including his home; experience in managing his personal portfolio.

Usually, the stuff that I sell, the PP Crème (PP- private placement; crème is the cream of the crop), they’re our people that have been mailed a private-placement memorandum. So they are someone that’s been surveyed. You say, ‘Well, the guy said no. Why do I wanna buy him?’ He said no to oil and gas at 30/$40 a barrel the last six to twelve month. I love the oil-and-gas guys; they’re my bread and butter, but you know what, for the last six months, a year, maybe, those poor guys, man, they’ve been killing themselves.

It’s not easy to sell oil, especially a drilling venture at 30/40/$50 a barrel. I mean the numbers don’t kick in til 60/70/80 where it looks like a great opportunity. But the bottom line is that’s my bread and butter, and for twenty-seven years, with an A+ rating, without one complaint, it’s the best lead we have. So yeah, you may have punched in and requested ‘high-net-worth investors’, I think a million net worth, not including your home, can be…I think we can call that a high net-worth. But if you really want, like the Ginsu knife, if you really want a high-net-worth guy, there’s the Big Dogs. The Big Dogs have their own website- bigdogs.tv.

The Big Dogs are not just accredited. They’re ‘qualified-accredited’, so a private placement and a master private placement are two different animals. That master private placement, it’s very similar to a hedge fund, and only people that make 200—only people that have 250,000 minimum investment, and at least five million in investable assets are people you can bring in. You can’t bring in regular accredited investors to a hedge fund or to a master private placement.

So the Big Dogs, I think, are the epitome of a high-high-net-worth investor. And they’re $5 apiece, but for every 1000 of PP Crèmes you buy, you get 100 Big Dogs for free. Once you try ‘em out, you’ll be hooked. Again, if you’re looking for high-net-worth investors, between the PP Crème, and that’s the accredited investor leads, and the Big Dogs, which are the quarter-million investment qualification, plus five million in investable assets. The Big Dogs, that’s what we have. If you have any questions, give us a call- John Fischer: 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

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