Accredited investor Leads is the place to find some of the most qualified accredited investor lists in the USA. All of our investor lead lists are always carefully surveyed before being added to the database for distribution.  


Hi, my name is John Fischer.Welcome to You know, we just don't sell accredited investors at We sell precious metals.  You know, we like to sell accredited investors cuz we hope that the people that we're selling you are sophisticated, you know, a guy who's got a million net worth, not including his home.  I'm hoping he's not an easy guy to defraud or an easy guy to rip off.  And that's why I like dealing with accredited investors. They're tough cookies; they're smart; they're pretty much sophisticated and you gotta be doing the right thing to close 'em, 95% of the time.

Another thing I like, and another product I like - it's the only two products we sell, by the way- happens to be precious-metal leads or numismatic-coin buyers or precious-metals-bullion buyers or IRA precious-metals buyers. The reason I like those kinds of leads us because it's a tangible.  So, if you're buying a numismatic coin, even if the guy marks it up real high, you still have the actual intrinsic value of that particular coin. So if it's a one -ounce coin and silver's at $20, at least that $20 ounce coin is worth $20. Maybe he charged you 30/35, and you may have to make a bigger move, or he charged you a lot of extra monet, you still got a shot of silver makes a good move.  But I like that tangible thing where you have it in your hands, you have seven days to send it back of you don't like it. If you're doing a bullion deal, I mean I myself have IRA's and I've contemplatwe flipping them over to a precious -metals IRA.  I'm not comfortable with precious metals not being in my hands, but, I guess, I dunno what's gonna happen, if anything happens with an IRA firm.  But we have those types of leads so if you're selling numismatic coins, if you're selling bullion, if you're selling the silver or the gold Eagles, or anything like that, or you're doing an IRA bullion type of a deal, we have those types of leads.  If you have any kind of questions, call me- 561-239-0364. Thank you for your ti!e, and God bless.


What’s an Accredited Investor?

An “accredited investor” is defined by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) as a person who has earned a minimum salary of $200,000 per year for the last two years or has at least $300,000 in combined income. He has no less than a million dollar net worth (not including his home) and has experience in managing his own personal financial portfolio.

Our Lead Lists Consist of Carefully Surveyed Investors’s investor lists include only people who have been surveyed by the top investment brokers or dealers in the country. These types of brokers got skin in the game. They aren’t messing around!  They’re looking to make their 10% commission.

Below are just some of the types of investor lead lists we can assist you with:


Qualified Oil & Gas Leads

Our hearts go out to the poor oil and gas guys who have endured the crazy market in recent years. Many have made it through but certainly, have paid their dues trying to find qualified investors. They kept digging and digging with hopes someone would be crazy enough to buy crude at $30 or $40. But you know what? That crude moved up to $50 and certainly influenced some action producing a tremendous oil and gas investor lead database here at


Precious Metal Investors and Coin Collectors

For brokers in search of gold and silver investors, we’ve got you covered here as well. Our gold and silver lead lists are arranged with data from finance specialists and studies focused on invaluable coins and gold and silver bullion. These investor lists aren’t made up of people wanting to sell precious metals for quick cash. These files are comprised of gold and silver stock purchasers, numismatic coin buyers and other serious accredited investors.

Investors for Private Placements

Here at, we have our own brand name we use for our private placement leads called “PPCREMAs”. Obviously, the“PP” stands for private placement and “CREMA” stands for the cream of the crop. The PPCREMAs are people (investors) that have been carefully surveyed with detailed questionnaires prepared by knowledgeable investment professionals within the United States (not by someone overseas who knows nothing about the investment industry).


Real Estate Investors of High Net Worth

Yes, we have real estate investor lists, which include only high net worth accredited investors. Our top of the line list is called “Cush”, but we also have other investor files available. Regardless of which list you choose, our number one priority is for our clients to identify the perfect accredited real estate investor for their sales or project goals and to succeed! Again, keep in mind; these individuals are prequalified by using a detailed survey prepared by some of the best brokers in the industry.


Scrub a Dub Dub! is an experienced lead generation service who can scrub your leads if you have a SAN NUMBER (Subscription Account number) from the Federal Trade Commission. Scrubbing leads is imperative to avoid being hit with violations and costly fines from the Do Not Call Registry (state and federal).

If you do not have a SAN Number, we can help you to get one. Your first five (5) area codes are free. Any additional area codes cost sixty eight dollars ($68) each (per area code). PLEASE NOTE: This is a fee charged by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) directly – not by

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We know what we’re doing! is a division of and we’ve been in business for more than 26 years and continue to earn an A+ BBB rating. We go the extra mile for our clients by providing one-on-one service tailored to meet each client’s individual needs.

Fresh Leads!

Our lead lists are constantly updated. Call us today at 800-590-5323 to find out more about our highly qualified accredited investor leads. You may also contact John Fischer directly at 561-981-8777.